Navigating RV Insurance in Texas

When you buy an RV, it’s important to think about how to provide the necessary coverage. Depending on whether it has its own motor or not, a policy may not be required by the state of Texas. Still, if you spent money on the RV, you’ll want financial protection in place – and when you’re in Richardson, TX, you can turn to our insurance professionals at Collum Insurance Group LLC.

What to Consider When Buying RV Insurance

There are a number of factors to consider when you buy RV insurance. Whether you spend a few weeks out of the year roaming the Hill Country and beyond or you’re on the road almost every day, you need to determine how to get the right coverage.

Consider a few things:

  • Roads you drive on
  • Where you park your RV
  • Where do you store your RV
  • How many months out of the year your RV is being used
  • The value of your RV

Once you explore these factors, it’s easier to get a policy that truly works for you – and our insurance agents are here to help every step of the way.

How to Get the Policy You Can Depend On

When you’re in Richardson, TX, you’re likely to get a lot of use out of your RV. Since anything can happen at any time, you have to be prepared. You don’t want to build your own policy online and hope you’ve thought of everything. If you have to file a claim, you want to do so with confidence knowing that you have the right coverage.

Our insurance agents at Collum Insurance Group LLC will talk to you about your RV, your driving habits, and more. We can build a custom policy to provide you with sufficient coverage along with affordable deductibles. Contact us now to get the help you need.

Get Your RV Road Ready For Spring 2023

As the days get longer and the temperatures rise, it’s time to take your RV out of hibernation and hit the open road. Before you set off on your next trip, ensure you get your RV road ready for spring 2023 in Richardson TX. Whether you’re new to RVing or have been a fan for years, there are some critical steps to take before starting your journey.

RV Safety Tips

Maintenance and Repairs 

The most important step when getting your RV road ready is ensuring it’s in good condition mechanically and aesthetically. Inspect your vehicle thoroughly to identify any mechanical issues that need repair. Ensure all hoses, belts, and filters are replaced so everything runs smoothly. Finally, check all the lights inside and outside the vehicle to ensure they’re working correctly—you don’t want to be caught with faulty headlights! 

Consider Upgrading Your Equipment 

Take this opportunity to review any equipment upgrades or replacements you may need before taking off on your next adventure. This could include kitchenware, bedding, or even entertainment systems. If you plan on traveling extensively over long distances, now might be a good time to invest in larger fuel tanks or additional batteries for charging devices like phones or laptops while on the go! 

Review Your RV Coverage 

Finally, make sure that you review your coverage for both liability and physical damage insurance before hitting the open road again this spring. Collum Insurance Group LLC can help review what kind of coverage is right for you and help provide peace of mind while exploring Richardson, TX and beyond. 

Reach Out To Us

Ensure all maintenance checks have been completed and upgraded equipment installed before setting off on an exciting new adventure this year! Don’t forget about reviewing RV coverage—Collum Insurance Group LLC is ready to help with RV insurance in Richardson, TX and surrounding areas.

What Does RV Insurance Cover in Texas?

RVs are a type of recreational vehicle that is often described as "campers on steroids." Today’s RVs are typically much larger and more spacious than cars, making them great for long-term travel or hosting large gatherings. Texas RVers use RVs for camping, fishing, adventuring, or even just hanging out in their backyards. RVs come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to do your research before making an RV insurance purchase.

We at Collin Insurance can provide you with comprehensive RV insurance coverage options that meet your needs.

What Does RV Insurance Typically Cover?

When you purchase RV insurance in Texas, you’re typically covered for things like damage to your RV or theft.

Coverage can also include compressive or collision coverage that helps RV owners mitigate losses that occur while their RV is in transit, or when it’s towed or driven away without authorization.

Additionally, many policies provide protection against natural disasters that might affect your home on wheels.

How Much Does RV Insurance Cost?

The cost of RV insurance will vary based on several factors including the RV class, size, and type of RV. Full-timers who live in their RV year-round may have additional coverage requirements in the State of Texas.

An experienced insurance agent at Collum Insurance Group LLC in Richardson, TX can advise full-time RVers and RV camping enthusiasts about the best rates and RV coverage for Class A, B, and C recreational vehicles.

Find The Best RV Insurance in Texas

Collum Insurance Group specializes in offering the best RV coverage and RV insurance rates in Richardson, TX.

Contact our team to learn about the best insurance coverage options for campers, RVs, and pull-behind trailers in Texas.

Do You Need RV Insurance in Texas?

Seeing the great state of Texas by recreational vehicle (RV) is one of the best ways to travel. If you’re an RV owner in the Richardson, TX area, keep reading. The team at Collum Insurance Group LLC is here to keep you in the loop on why your RV insurance may need a refresh, and what you should be looking for to protect one of your assets. 

If an RV is driven on the roads in Texas, RV insurance is required by state law. Many lenders will require you to have insurance in order to fund the loan to purchase the RV. Either way, RV insurance is a great benefit to have whether you’re taking a camping trip across the country or it’s in storage for the winter. Insurance protects you in either situation. 

Standard RV insurance in Texas typically includes some sort of collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, and/ or liability coverage. While these may be adequate, there are more coverage options available that cast a wider net for RV owners to feel more protected. 

If you are an avid user of your RV and plan on taking lots of road trips, camping adventures, and sightseeing tours, insurance for your RV is of the utmost importance. The value of protecting a large monetary investment should be reason enough, but insurance can also provide great peace of mind when you’re traveling with companions, family members, and friends. 

Spend your time this year exploring all the great sights Texas has to offer. Do so without stressing about your policy or what kind of coverage you have. The team at Collum Insurance Group LLC is here for you and will help you find a policy that fits your lifestyle here in Richardson, TX. Contact us today! 

Texas Winter RV Preparedness

You don’t have to stay cramped at home just because it’s winter around Richardson, TX. With a few simple steps that us at Collum Insurance Group LLC would take for our own vehicles, any RV will be ready to journey into the unknown with the whole family.

Improve the Insulation

You don’t have to insulate your RV like an attic, but a thin layer is manageable without sacrificing much of the interior space if you are willing to do the work. Decorative insulation in thick material like a knitted wool blanket is a great way to achieve the wanted result without as much hassle, and it works just as well for RVs that already have insulation installed.

Inspect your windows to see if they’re double-paned, as well. While it can be more expensive than hanging a few blankets, upgrading to double-pane windows seals a major gap in the insulation and lowers your heating needs.

Add Antifreeze to the Gray and Black Water Tanks

A touch of antifreeze to these tanks will keep them flowing without interfering with your freshwater supply. You should use the kind that is usually pink and labeled for RV and marine use.

Heat and Insulate the Fresh Water Systems

You don’t want to drink antifreeze, but you still need to keep your freshwater protected. Any freshwater components outside of the interior should get extra insulation. Consider getting a heated water hose for when you’re hooked up to an exterior source.

Make Sure Your Insurance Is in Working Order

The last step before you venture into the winter wonderland is double-checking your insurance coverage. Collum Insurance Group LLC in Richardson, TX will help connect you with the right policy if you need a new one or want a change in coverage.

Is RV Insurance Required in Texas?

Recreational Vehicles (RVs) are very popular in Richardson, TX, and across Texas in general. People of all places and ages find RVs fun to travel because they let you explore the world as you enjoy the comfort and convenience of a home. But one thing most RV owners aren’t clear about is RV insurance. An RV cuts between a vehicle and a home, making it challenging to decide what insurance is required.

The good news is that Collum Insurance Group LLC is here to help you understand whether RV insurance is mandatory and what it covers.

Is RV insurance required in Texas?

Like auto insurance, RV insurance is mandatory in Texas as long as it’s driven on the roads. However, if your RV is non-motorized and is attached to a vehicle, it’s covered under auto insurance. If your RV is loan-financed, your lender may require you to carry RV insurance as long as the loan facility is due.

Doesn’t home insurance cover my RV? While homeowners insurance may cover the contents of your RV, it doesn’t cover liabilities or damages to your RV. In light of this, neither auto nor home insurance protects your RV optimally. Whether it’s a motorhome, camper, or travel trailer, RV insurance is the best coverage to protect your prized investment.

RV insurance options in Texas

When exploring RV insurance, some coverage options are likely to mimic your auto insurance, while others are specific to your RV. Let’s look at some RV insurance options.

  • Collision coverage to pay for damages if your RV is involved in an accident.
  • Comprehensive coverage to protect your RV from non-collision perils like theft, fire, vandalism, storms, and many more.
  • Liability coverage to pay for bodily injury and property damage to third parties.
  • Personal injury protection (PIP) covers medical expenses, final expenses, and partial loss of income for you and your passengers following an accident.
  • Vacation liability to protect you when your RV is parked on a campsite.
  • Full-timers cover if you reside in your RV full-time.

If you love your RV, contact Collum Insurance Group LLC to make sure you are covered. You can also visit our Richardson, TX offices to speak to our agents in person.