How Preparing for a Flood Can Help Minimize Damage

As hurricane season approaches, preparing for a possible flood becomes important. Our team at Collum Insurance Group LLC in Richardson, TX have created the following flood preparation guide to help minimize flood damage.

Flood Preparations

If your property is prone to flooding, consider the following suggestions. But note –

  • Flood insurance usually has a waiting period before it becomes effective, so it can’t be bought last minute.
  • When authorities issue evacuation orders, it is essential to follow these safety orders.

Stay Informed

Fortunately, technology has made great strides in predicting the location of catastrophic weather events. Stay informed of local forecasts. Sign up for emergency alerts.

Develop An Emergency Plan & Flood Emergency Kit

Your emergency plan should include, at a minimum, the following –

  • Evacuation routes.
  • A Designated Meeting Place.
  • Emergency Services Contact Info.

The flood emergency kit should be easily accessible and include the following –

  • Food
  • Water
  • Medications
  • First Aid Supplies
  • Flashlights
  • Batteries
  • A Battery-Powered Radio, etc.

Safeguard Important Documents & Move Valuables to Higher Ground

Store important documents – financial records, IDs, and insurance papers in a waterproof container. Consider making digital copies. Relocate valuable possessions to higher floors.

Clear Gutters & Drains

Regularly clean gutters and downspouts, reducing the chance of water backing up.

Secure Outdoor Items

Outdoor equipment and furniture should be either secured or moved to higher ground.

Know Your Flood Risk – Obtain Flood Insurance

Determine if your property is within a federally designated flood zone. Understand the property’s elevation to assess risk. And a traditional homeowners policy does NOT cover flood damage.

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