What first time motorcycle buyers should know about insurance

Owning a motorcycle is one of the most exciting moments in one’s life. Statistics reveal that Texas has more motorcycles than any other given state. Richardson, TX residents have a formidable love for their bikes. These necessities for proper motorcycle insurance can protect you if you are involved in an accident or pre-exposed to other looming perils like theft and vandalism.

Motorcycle insurance is mandatory in Texas, but it is crucial to go beyond the prescribed minimums and shield your ride from dangers that the roadways can pose. Carrying your motorcycle insurance at all times while driving is crucial to stay within the law. If you engage in any insurance violation, it may pose challenges if you want to acquire insurance in the future and could affect your rates.

Acquiring reliable motorcycle insurance, especially as a first-time motorcycle buyer, is essential because you will enjoy being out on the open road knowing that your safety, your passengers, and your investment are covered. Contact our agents at Collum Insurance Group LLC, located in Richardson, TX, to get a quote for your motorcycle insurance.

Types of motorcycle insurance policies offered at Collum Insurance Group LLC.

  • Liability insurance policy: Covers property damage and bodily injury that you inflict on other people after an accident. It does not cater to damage to your motorcycle or rider’s injuries.
  • Motorcycle collision insurance: This caters for damage to your bike if you are engaged in a collision with another automobile.
  • Comprehensive coverage: This form of the policy pays for damages aggravated by an event other than collisions like vandalism, fire, and hailstorm.
  • Un-insured or under-insured motorist: This covers damages to you or your property caused by another driver who does not have adequate insurance or is not insured.
  • Coverage for customized motorcycle parts: This policy covers optional accessories such as custom paint jobs, chrome parts, trailers, or sidecars.

Factors that affect your motorcycle insurance premiums.

  • Age.
  • Your driving record.
  • The make and model of your bike.
  • The type of coverage.
  • Expected annual mileage.
  • Your motorcycle security.

Contact us or visit our Collum Insurance Group LLC offices at Richardson, TX, for more queries and motorcycle insurance information.