Protect your company from liability exposure with an umbrella policy

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Benefits of umbrella insurance for your company

The main benefit of umbrella insurance is that it protects your company from liability exposure. This is an incredibly important insurance type to carry, especially if your firm operates in an industry that is highly litigious. 

With an umbrella policy, you will enjoy excess protection in the event that your primary commercial policy is maxed out. For example, if you are responsible for financial damages and the amount exceeds that provided by your primary policy, the umbrella policy will come into play. 

This type of protection provides liability protection that can help both the company itself as well as its principals. There are a number of different corporate structures that allow claimants to go after the owners of a firm if they do not have sufficient insurance protection.

When you have the foresight to have a commercial umbrella insurance policy in place, the assets of the company will be protected. And, depending on how the business is structured, principals can be protected too. 

It’s time for your company to have umbrella protection

Richardson, TX area business owners and operators turn to Collum Insurance Group LLC for their commercial insurance needs. If your growing company needs more liability protection, it’s time to consider an umbrella insurance policy. Schedule an appointment with us today and learn more about the umbrella insurance policy options that are available in our area. We look forward to working with you!