Motorcycle Insurance When You Don’t Wear Helmets: What to Expect

Motorcycle helmets save lives, but many riders in Texas prefer not to wear them. How does this affect your motorcycle insurance? We at Collum Insurance Group LLC can help Richardson, TX, residents better understand these factors. 

Understanding How Helmets Affect You 

Helmets are an important part of your safety protection when riding a motorcycle. However, Texas law currently does not require residents to wear a helmet while they’re driving. However, insurance companies may still frown on you if you get into an accident without a helmet. 

For example, if you are injured on a motorcycle while not wearing a helmet and someone else caused the accident, your insurance company will still look unhappily on your refusal to wear one. In other words, they may refuse to pay for certain injuries if they believe your lack of helmet contributed to them.

And if the other individual’s insurance company is the one who is paying out, they may also refuse to pay. That will all depend on what the court says was more negligent: the driving behavior of the other person or your refusal to wear a helmet. Not surprisingly, many courts will find you more negligent. 

Note that this issue refers strictly to personal injuries and not motorcycle damages. So if someone else causes the accident and your motorcycle is damaged, their policy must pay even if you weren’t wearing a helmet. And this situation also varies depending on the court and judge involved.

Don’t Neglect Your Insurance Needs 

As you can see, motorcycle insurance and helmets are critical to consider if you want to minimize any complications in your life. Thankfully, we at Collum Insurance Group LLC can help Richardson, TX residents better understand this situation and avoid long-term issues that may otherwise affect them.