Flood Insurance in Texas

Richardson, TX homeowners are proud of what they have built. Maintaining our homes takes a lot of work! As much as we stay prepared, there are some times where Mother Nature impacts our lives in ways that are out of our control.

We love our homes in the Lone Star State, but it's also true that sometimes, Texas can flood. Flooding is a challenging issue for homeowners because traditional home insurance does not cover damage caused by flooding. Flood insurance is an additional policy on top of home insurance.

Flooding is always a possibility, especially in the early spring and fall months. Even if your home is outside of a flood plain, it is still possible that water can accumulate in unexpected ways, destroying floors, walls, and precious heirlooms.

Collum Insurance Group LLC representatives want to talk to you about your home and your risk of exposure in case of a flood. Many factors contribute to each home's unique situation when it comes to potential flooding. Your home may be considered low risk, but your neighbors could be high risk.

Regardless of your particular risk, it's important to recognize that flooding is unpredictable. For example, then half of the homes flooded by Hurricane Harvey were outside of a designated flood zone. This means that every Texas home could potentially be at risk when the rain starts to fall.

No one can predict the future. That's why Texas homeowners should talk to Collum Insurance Group LLC representatives about acquiring flood insurance for their homes. Reach out to your agent today to talk about acquiring a flood insurance policy.

The peace of mind that comes knowing your home is in good hands is an incomparable benefit to acquiring a flood insurance policy. Collum Insurance Group LLC wants to provide you with this peace of mind, so contact a representative today!