Auto Insurance in Texas

The state of Texas requires motorists to prove they can pay for damages or personal injuries they might cause in an automobile accident. This is most often done by buying a car insurance policy. Collum Insurance Group LLC is your source in Richardson, TX for your automobile insurance needs.

Types of insurance

The most basic kind of insurance is liability coverage, which covers any damage you might cause in an auto accident. Part of this is coverage for injuries to people, and you may choose the limits of your policy, which will affect the cost. Keep in mind however that this will not cover your vehicle if you are at fault in an accident. There is a coverage called collision that will cover your vehicle if you are at fault in an accident. It would also cover your vehicle if you run into something with your car. There is also comprehensive, which covers everything else. This would cover your car if a tree fell on it, for instance.

Reasons for kinds of coverage

If you have an older car, liability may be all you need. Even if you have full coverage, you will be compensated for the lesser of the value of the car and the cost of repairs. With newer cars, or cars of high value, it is good to have full coverage. If you are still paying for your car the lender may require you have full coverage. There are also policies for special situations, such as a classic car, and we are your source in Richardson, TX for those.

Come see us

Call Collum Insurance Group LLC in Richardson, TX today to learn more about automobile insurance. You may also use our online tool to get an idea of insurance costs. We are your source in Texas with a full line of automotive insurance. There are many unique situations, and we have smaller policies for all the different situations you may have concerning your car. Call us today.