Have You Checked Your Storage Unit Lately?

Renting a long-term storage unit can be helpful, but the unit often fades into the background in the renter’s mind. The renter might start out checking on the unit frequently, but as time passes, they may stop going over so often — and may even just not check-in for several months. If you’ve rented a storage unit and plan to keep it for a while, don’t let it become one of those things you never check up on. That increases the risk of someone getting into the unit and taking your belongings. Collum Insurance Group LLC in Richardson, TX wants to be sure you know how to keep your stored belongings safe.

As They Say, out of Sight…

If you’re not actively taking things out or moving things into the storage unit, it’s going to become very tempting not to check it at all. What will you do, open the door, stare at your stuff, and close the door? It seems like a pointless errand, but the few minutes you spend looking at what’s in the unit are actually critical for keeping everything safe. When you check in frequently and make sure your stuff is OK, that helps you catch problems when they’re still small. Maybe you notice that something from the next unit over has leaked and seeped under the wall into your unit; you can notify the facility staff before that leak becomes bad. Or, maybe you notice signs that someone tried to get into your storage unit, and you can have the facility staff increase security and check all the units.

No one wants to find that their storage unit has been compromised, and storage facilities should notify you if someone’s broken into your unit. But the staff can’t be everywhere at once and certainly can’t be in your unit all the time. Your vigilance helps keep your belongings where they should be. You should also have coverage for your stored items, and Collum Insurance Group LLC in Richardson, TX, can help you out.