Texas Winter RV Preparedness

You don’t have to stay cramped at home just because it’s winter around Richardson, TX. With a few simple steps that us at Collum Insurance Group LLC would take for our own vehicles, any RV will be ready to journey into the unknown with the whole family.

Improve the Insulation

You don’t have to insulate your RV like an attic, but a thin layer is manageable without sacrificing much of the interior space if you are willing to do the work. Decorative insulation in thick material like a knitted wool blanket is a great way to achieve the wanted result without as much hassle, and it works just as well for RVs that already have insulation installed.

Inspect your windows to see if they’re double-paned, as well. While it can be more expensive than hanging a few blankets, upgrading to double-pane windows seals a major gap in the insulation and lowers your heating needs.

Add Antifreeze to the Gray and Black Water Tanks

A touch of antifreeze to these tanks will keep them flowing without interfering with your freshwater supply. You should use the kind that is usually pink and labeled for RV and marine use.

Heat and Insulate the Fresh Water Systems

You don’t want to drink antifreeze, but you still need to keep your freshwater protected. Any freshwater components outside of the interior should get extra insulation. Consider getting a heated water hose for when you’re hooked up to an exterior source.

Make Sure Your Insurance Is in Working Order

The last step before you venture into the winter wonderland is double-checking your insurance coverage. Collum Insurance Group LLC in Richardson, TX will help connect you with the right policy if you need a new one or want a change in coverage.